Pre-Course Readings

We have a novel format for the conference; hands-on sessions form the main content of the meeting for days 1 and 2. Each session will be a half-day session. Each session will have 90-minute case discussions, then 2 hours of hands-on model practice. 

  • Please click here for the pre-course reading list.
  • Please click here to view the cases which will form the first 90 minutes of each session.

The cases will involve a lot of discussion, and the last two hours of each 3-hour session with be hands-on. On Saturday morning (Day 3) we will have an interactive multidisciplinary case discussion. There will be two cases; one on TB, the other on mesothelioma.

Please bring your laptop to the Congress - you will be given a USB on arrival with additional materials, and you can also use it to read your reference articles from the reading list during the teaching sessions.