Alvin Ing Back

Professor, Respiratory Medicine, Macquarie University, NSW

Professor Alvin Ing is a Professor, Respiratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University; and the Clinical Program Head, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Program at the University.  He has been involved in interventional pulmonology since 1993 when he helped establish endobronchial laser resection and stent deployment via rigid bronchoscopy at Concord Hospital. He was instrumental in forming one of the first and largest patient databases in this area, and is one of the few physicians in NSW specialising in and accredited in these techniques. More recently he has pioneered the use of endobronchial valves in patients with COPD and emphysema (ELVR), and performed the first bronchial thermoplasty procedure in NSW, treating patients with refractory asthma. He has ongoing research into ELVR and Bronchial Thermoplasty at Macquarie University Hospital, actively supervising PhD students in these areas. He also utilizes cryobiopsy in the diagnosis and management of interstitial lung disease, proximal endobronchial tumours and peripheral lung nodules, and is also publishing and supervising a PhD student in this field. Other research interests including developing ELVR techniques for COPD patients with incomplete fissures (including vapour and polymer administration), and the use of bronchial rheoplasty in the management of chronic bronchitis.