Elaine Yap Back

Respiratory Consultant, Middlemore Hospital, NZ

Dr Elaine Yap is a Respiratory physician appointed at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, NZ. She enjoys working in the field of interventional pulmonology after completing her IP training in Heidelberg, Germany. Elaine currently leads the Bronchoscopy and Pleural service at Middlemore Hospital and is involved in service planning, quality assurance, research and training in these areas. Early in her IP career, Elaine recognised a need for more structured training in pulmonary procedures to complement the conventional apprenticeship model. One of her challenges was to ensure equal training for advanced trainees all over the country which is achieved through the annual NZ Pleural and Bronchoscopy Course which she co-convenes. She has over ten years of experience having attended and convened courses in Singapore, Canada and Australia. She became involved in the Bronchoscopy International Educational Project when she helped convene Train the Trainer courses in Melbourne and Auckland.