Silvia Quadrelli Back

Director of Thoracic Oncology Centre, Buenos Aires British Hospital; and Chair of the WABIP, Argentina

The current Chair of the WABIP and as a specialist in the field of lung cancer, Dr Quadrelli has been responsible for promoting the creation of multidisciplinary cancer boards all over Argentina and in other countries in South America. From her position as Director of a Thoracic Oncology Centre (Buenos Aires British Hospital) and in different leadership positions in several respiratory and cancer associations, Dr Quadrelli has had extensive experience in being in charge of disseminating the increasing role of bronchoscopists in the molecular diagnosis of lung cancer in Argentina and South America. In regards to board membership roles, Dr Quadrelli has had extensive experience in being in various capacities as a leader in the Argentinean Association for Bronchology and the South American Association for Bronchology. Additionally, she has been long involved in the WAB and WABIP, contributing to its congress, the WCBIP, as a member of its scientific committee in the past 4 congresses (including Florence 2016).